arm candy vol. 3

What do you think of the colors of these bracelets? I think they pretty much go with everything because they're mostly neutral.

The watch with Mustafa Kemal Atatürk (search him if you don't know who he is) is new and I believe it's the most unique watch I have ever owned. But you know what? All of the other bracelets are unique too, and there's only one of each available. That's it-ONE. Why? Because I'm excited to announce that they are handmade Anatolian bracelets. Who made them? Me. Where are they from? Duru Beauty Gifts (my online store). How much to they cost? All are less than $6. Are you excited? I know I am and you should be too!!! Shipping is international and I will write a list of the countries the jewelry could be bought from on my next post. New counties will be added soon so stay tuned. Check out the prices here

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Butterfly Charm Bracelet $5 (the first one on the left)

 Butterfly Charm Bracelet ($5)

Turkish Copper Chain Bracelet $5.99

Cute or no?!

2nd from the left: Turkish Black Chain Bracelet with Yellow Pendant


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