Eating Sand in Tarifa

May 26 2015

Going to Tarifa was kind of a last minute thing. My sister, 2 friends and I decided to buy bus tickets to get to the beach and return in the evening. Since we're studying in Seville, a bus ride to Tarifa is only around 2 hours.

We bought our tickets about a day in advance to avoid any last minute problems. On Saturday, I put on my bikini, grabbed my backpack and flip flops and off we went!

We walked to one of the train stations for our 9 a.m. bus ride and comfortably made our way to Tarifa. We met other American students on the bus and swapped stories about our stay in Seville. They were on their way to Granada. We visited Granada a few weeks later-more about that in a later blog post.

Now, I knew Tarifa is a hot spot for water sports, especially for those that involve wind like kitesurfing, but I didn't know it would be SO WINDY. Don't get me wrong, the beach was amazing-clean sand with the tiniest grains ever (they stick to you like they stick to the models on beach shoots)..

We found refuge between two sand dunes and laid out our towels. The conditions weren't the best to read a book, but it felt good to soak up the sun anyway.

I'll leave you with some pictures, but as a last note remember that Tarifa's a great place for water sports and, of course, for those in for the experience, it's where the Atlantic Ocean meets the Mediterranean (and you get to see the houses on the African continent across the water on a clear day)!




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