24 Hours in Toledo

May 9, 2015
Toledo, Spain

We took a bus to Toledo today where a handsome tour guide gave us a tour of la ciudad antigua. Toledo, a mix of three cultures (Jewish, Muslim and Christian) is really beautiful..Pinterest worthy views on every corner...flower balconies and narrow streets..places like that exist! We headed up a hill to see a panoramic view of the city and went to see the 4th biggest cathedral in the world shortly after.

After the tour, my sister and some friends from our program found feast for lunch-1/2 roasted chicken (literally half of a chicken), paella, drink of your choice, and ice cream-all for 10 euros and a good conversation (sobremesa).  Deal.

By this time we were ready to explore more of the city..it's a funny feeling..wanting to get lost somewhere you've never been. Well we didn't get lost, but ended up going in circles. Close enough. We bumped into a bachelor party and let me tell you, Spaniards know how to have fun.

I'll leave you with pictures.

Tomorrow we take on Sevilla!



4th Biggest Cathedral in the World

Inside the Cathedral

Pinterest Worthy Street


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